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How You Can Help

We’re just a month away from the municipal election in which Kelly Feiock is running for City Clerk. It’s a busy time for her canvassing neighborhoods and introducing herself. With this comes the expenses of literature, mailers, uniforms, signage, special events and more. Your contribution will help raise awareness of Kelly and put her in the position of City Clerk.

Financial Donations

  • PayPal
    You may easily make a financial contribution online through PayPal. No charges are apllied to either you or Kelly, and you may choose to donate any amount you wish.

Volunteer Your Time

  • Signage
    Would you like to help place signs on pre-approved properties in New Albany, or perhaps you just want a sign in your own yard? Let us know, we'll work with you either way!
  • Canvassing Neighborhoods
    Do you enjoy meeting new people? Like to go for a daily walk? Spreading the word about Kelly and handing out her pamplets may be a perfect fit for you.

Your Donation Provides:

  • $25 = five small yard signs

  • $50 = five t-shirts

  • $100 = one large yard sign